About Us

CSC Reliability is established as a knowledge company-partner production companies. We consist of practical orientated engineers with knowledge and experience from many years of working with maintenance and operations in process and production industries.

With the right skillset, we provide advice and services within asset maintenance and asset reliability.

Our Vision 

Through relations to people, we will lead the way out of reactive maintenance and become the preferred partner to develop and optimize maintenance in process and production industries. We will provide a team of highly skilled and experienced Engineers and work with focus on managing change and embedding solutions.

Our Mission

To improve competitiveness of our partners and provide value in all we do. All engagement with partners shall be transparent and in direct line with the goals and objectives of their company.

Our Values

People are the most valuable assets.

We are a team.

We aim to generate sustainable operation to our partners.

All we do, generates transparent value to our partners.

Due diligence and quality.